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Over 90, 000 horses per year worldwide receive surgical assistance on a HAICO Equine surgery table.

10 models to choose from – for every need and budget.


HAICO supplies the premier equine surgery table series in the world – unbeatable quality.


HAICO Equine surgery tables are renowned for their rechargeable battery operated systems. No AC cables provide optimal operator safety and mobility/versatility.


With maximum comfort for horses, HAICO tables and accessories allow the widest range of positioning for all surgical procedures. is the exclusive HAICO distributor in Canada and can provide competitive pricing on all tables, parts and HAICO products.

PRO 3 -2 .jpg

HAICO PRO 3 Surgery table

“Standard for all Equine Operating Tables”

Main benefits of the new Haico PRO3 surgery table:

  • 4-way tilt – new lateral tilt +/- 15% ideal in abdominal surgery for decompressing cecum overload and in lateral recumbency!

  • table top available in two different sizes – Medium and Large

  • all side panels are easily removable

  • head support can be moved sideways

  • control buttons located in front for easy access during operation

  • two speeds on lift for unloaded / loaded  table

  • new special treatment on all metal surfaces

  • special battery

  • minimum height only 30 cm (1 ft)

  • fully loaded with all accessories available

  • documented quality and testing report included

HAICO Pro 3 Head Support

Additional head support

HAICO Pro 3 flexible air padding unit

The air padding can be adjusted according to the needed soft support area. Padding side extensions bend under the middle part if not needed.

HAICO Pro 3 Protection Plastic unit

HAICO protection plastic enables better hygiene

HAICO Pro 3 shoulder supports

Shoulder supports ensure fast and easy positioning of the horse in dorsal recumbency.

The new shoulder supports enables quick and firm supporting.

HAICO Pro 3 leg supports

Leg support can be fixed to side panels or to the 10 square attachment panels around the table

Other HAICO Pro 3 Equipments

The complete equipment range of the HAICO Pro 3 can be used in many different ways to accomodate a wide range of surgical needs.


Polycarbonate Support

For imaging use the steel supports are easily replaced with the polycarbonate support

HAICO Pro Colon Tray

3 different type of colon trays which attach to 10 different locations around the table

HAICO Pro 3 Moving Unit

 Moving unit - simple single user movement of the Pro 3 

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