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Official Canadian Distributor of VisuScience


Producer of QuikVue phone adaptor, 

Optional FluoFilter/MeiboFilter Accessory Kit and Portable Slit Lamp 

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VisuScience portable slit lamp

VisuScience portable slit lamp has an elegant design and provides high-quality optics. It is equipped with high intensity long lived LED bulb and rechargeable Li-ion battery. Veterinarians can observe patients’ corneas and anterior chamber structures clearly with this device. 

High-Quality Optics

The VisuScience portable slit lamp is made with high quality optical glass. Lenses have multiple coatings. As a result, the slit lamp delivers sharp slit images and enables veterinarians to see the lens/anterior chamber structures clearly. 

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Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Customized rechargeable Li-ion batterys power the VisuScience portable slit lamp. After fully charging, the slit lamp can be used for 6 hours continuously. Recharge by placing the whole device on the recharging dock or take the battery out to recharge separately.

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LED Illumination

VisuScience portable slit lamps uses LED bulbs for illumination. The color temperature of the bulb is similar to halogen bulb. It has a long life span of 20,000 hours. Cool operation with excellent colour rendering index. 

1X1mm Square Aperture

Apart from common apertures other slit lamp offers, VisuScience portable slit lamp provides 1X1 mm square aperture for clinicians to assess anterior chamber flare. 

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Ordering the portable slit lamp

The device is packed in a custom aluminum case for easy transport and safe storage. 

Coming soon to the Vet Supply Online shop !!

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