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---The world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company

OXYTET 62.5mg is here!

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Exciting News!!!

VITA bee health (Canada) products are now available in Western Canada through the Western Drug Distribution Centre (WDDC), CDMV and all member veterinarians, veterinary clinics and approved veterinary pharmacies.

In eastern Canada including Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces VITA bee health (Canada) products are available through Veterinary Purchasing (VP), CDMV and member veterinarians, veterinary clinics and approved veterinary pharmacies.

This will create a wide availability locally for Canadian beekeepers and includes vital access to fumigilin - B for Nosema treatment as well as oxytetracycline.

VITA bee Health (Canada) is now producing oxytetracycline 62.5 as this is the most frequently used formulation by beekeepers. The oxytetracycline 25 formulation will no longer be available. The newest addition - oxytetracycline for smaller operations is available now in 100g sachets. VITA bee health (Canada) will still supply their standard 400g and 10kg oxytetracycline sizes for commercial producers. All oxytetracycline products for use in bees are dispensed by veterinary prescription only.

Contact your local veterinary clinic for information on availability and ordering from, and

To access a veterinarian with an interest in bees contact your provincial apiculturist or provincial beekeepers association for more information. Lists of veterinarians with an interest in bees are also published on all provincial veterinary association websites.


For more info/product support on all VITA bee health (Canada) products contact

Dr. Dave Harris - or by cell at 780-676-0239

Product Ordering

The Vita Bee Products are available at WDDC, CDMV and VP. Please see the respective product codes below if you wish to order from these member buying groups..

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