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HAICO Highspeed Equine Treadmill

HAICO 4000 and 5000 High-Speed Treadmills offer several advantages for research, diagnostic, training and rehabilitation.

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Ideal tool for veterinarians and professional trainers for performance horses

•    Running surface: Scientifically researched natural running surface corresponds well with turf - no damage to horse's legs.

•    Structure: Low running surface allows quick and inexpensive installation at floor level - simply provide the dimensional area - no construction costs to install - specifications available on request.

•    Comfort: Compact silent structure. Vibration absorbers/noise reduction. Waste material neatly guided out of the back of the belt - easy to keep clean. No regular service is needed - just use and clean. No oiling/lubrication points.

•    Performance: Service-free low-friction belt. Ready for use weight unit inside the frame.

•    Safety for the horse: Adjustable width of safety rails - prevents dangerous situations.

•    Installation: Half a day

•    Finish: High quality and neat appearance

•    Warranty: 2 years all components, frame 5 years.

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Compact and modern set of equipment for training, testing and rehabilitation. 

Researchers have identified that a very high similarity exists between the surfaces found in natural grass and that of the Haico treadmill belt surface. The natural grass like surface doesn’t strain the horses legs even during strenuous training. Haico Treadmill selection consists of two standard models. Both treadmills are designed for high speed training. They offer the following advantages:


Low running surface height allows installation on the floor - no pit or major reconstruction required to install just standard space requirements (specifications available on request)

Safety and comfort

Soundproof compact structure. Treadmill frame isolated from the floor by rubber pads - great noise and vibration reduction. Waste material is discharged automatically away from the end of the treadmill belt. No oiling/lubrication points.


Service free low-friction belt structure. Separate cooling inside the treadmill enables continued use. Compact, infinitely adjustable weight unit inside the structure for increased resistance/inclination. Optional fan/wind producer follows the speed of the belt - provides increased wind resistance for training.


Safety rails adjustable, the horse stays safely in the middle of the belt.

Pulling belts are connected to the safety harness and the pulling force can be infinitely adjustable between O to 85 kg (850N) manually or automatically via the test programs. Adjustable weight unit can be selected - uphill/inclination changes between 0 to 10% manually or automatically at several different angles via the test programs. 

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Options for the Equine Treadmill 

Please click to view extra equipment and features for the treadmills.

Control Unit Face Web

Pulling Load Unit

Traning a horse for treadmill

Wind Resistance Unit

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