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HiveGate is an advanced hive entrance to help protect your bees from robbing and enable improved regulation of the internal hive environment.


By creating a hive entrance immediately underneath the main cluster, HiveGate allows the colony to control entry more effectively and safeguards your bees from wasps (yellowjackets), robbing bees, the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina), wax moths and other pests and predators.


HiveGate also enables better control of temperature and relative humidity within the hive, reducing stress and workload and increasing productivity.


Key Facts

    • Protects your bees from predation and robbing
    • Does not interrupt normal behaviour of colony
    • Reduces drifting of bees and therefore potential of disease spread
    • Easy to use and low maintenance
    • No mess
    • No chemicals required
    • Economical and long-lasting.

HiveGate: Advanced Hive Entrance

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